Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What's the point

Life is funny at times. In the most heart wrenching situation you sometimes find a lesson to laugh at, a lesson to smile at. But this was no laughing matter or smiling matter. I stood there stunned when it struck me. The futility of it all. Consider this you go through so much trouble so much pain just to get something very important done and then you realise what's the point? Will this be appreciated will this be considered in the same sense that you want it to be considered. What if it does not turn out as the way you want it to turn out? Does it change anything.

Hope and expectations two dangerous yet two wonderful feelings that can make your die or live. So going back to the situation...what if fate meddles in such a way that you realise its 'no point i wont do it again.'

But then you actually wonder in between all of it, the point lies here- that you tried, that you did not stop. You finished and you stopped only to ask what's the point? Why? Because you want that answer. The point being you want to know what its like to go through all the trouble and then been appreciated for it. Recognition hoggers that we are. We feel our worth in it.

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