Saturday, April 21, 2012

Friday night rants

Sleepless friday night can be blamed on my new Tablet the Xoom :D.

Happy smile on my face can be blamed on the box of Godivas

Throbbing headaches have begun again and am hoping my its all okay.

Annoying neighbours are having a party and I spotted a cute guy.

Instagram, Fancy, pininterest are just addictive.

He did not talk to me or smile at me today. Will live with yesterday's memory of his chat.

I still am un-romantic but has a huge crush on an utter loser.

There is no food in the house again, breakfast shall be had at Alila, and i complain of going broke everyday.

Obsession with the new Kid is fading.

Am still awesome. And i have survived.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Denial: This should be an official vacation spot. Dont understand why is it looked down upon.

A perfect holiday spot. where everything is right. Where your career is a Breeze. Your life is one amazing cafe at the beach. Where all you have to do is put up your legs in bliss.

But then that evil man in the white coat brings you back.

I want to stay in DENIAL my life is amazing there.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cause I cant sleep

Call me weird but my stress buster is i laugh and i ll write and i ll tweet, even if it never made any grammatical sense.

And yes Attention Seeker, Drama Queen is now playing a very important part in the play of her life.


And i thought i am not a romantic, apparently i am. Treating people like projects, bringing smiles to even the meanest idiots, always smiling. I need to stop being so happy go lucky in life

20 Minutes

A certain someone who will read this eventually is gonna go  #faceplam  "and you blogged about it, really?"

Yes Yoda i did.

What if you realised that in 20 mins your life is gonna change. Maybe for the better or for the worse.

That dream trip may come true but what happens to you in the next 20 mins can ruin your chances for it.

That one phone call you longed for will not happen if you do something you are not meant to in the next 20 mins

 Twenty mins in that white magnetic field chamber has changed the course of my life. My dream trip is not gonna happen. I am never gonna make that phone call. People around me are going to look at me in a different light. You will realise that all that you dreamed about is just a make believe.

Twenty mins and your life can change.

Hoping that this all this just goes back to normal in the next 20 hours and it does not turn into a drama that am making of it.