Monday, March 29, 2010

The Week that wasn't.

Okay, so i had a very stressful week. Terribly actually. Almost met with accidents 4 times in a row. Got yelled at by my friends, family, got a low down on all my faults etc etc etc. but then i just told myself 'this too shall pass' and it did. Last Sunday, before the horrible week began i assigned a mini project for myself telling myself that am gonna capture each day with a picture.(okay this inspiration comes from )And now at the end of the week i look back at these pictures and realize, there are certain things that i can still smile about, there are certain things that still made me laugh about. So here it goes. It may not be the best of pictures but it still is the best of my week so far.

21/03/2010 Sunday- The wait that was beautiful

That Sunday i was waiting for 2 hours almost, for my friend and also for my parents. This is where i assigned myself the week project. While sitting idle in the mall i noticed this man calling on people to apply mehendi i sat there, his first customer, he said and lo and behold something that on a normal day i hate i loved it that day. I felt like a brand ambassador because after me there was a bee line of girls waiting to apply it too. See waiting is sometimes beautiful.

22/03/2010 Monday- Terrible no words at all

No i don't have any photo for this day. it was a terrible terrible Monday. I almost met with an accident. Got yelled at by my parents, my tooth ache made me dizzy.

23/03/2010 Tuesday-Metered Life

You would wonder why i clicked a picture of an auto meter. well for starters this kind of meter is not something i see everyday in Mangalore. I was so used to the ancient one that this caught me by surprise and also it showed me the distance i travel to work everyday. I sometimes walk all the way home and wow i realized i walk 4kms every time :P

24/03/2010 Wednesday-Irony

This was the morning which was extra busy. Apparently, a minister came visiting the city to inspect the ongoing road construction in front of my office. What's special about this picture well, He stooped down to touch the road and check it, he looked at the cement works, he asked a few of us about the hassles we faced and then said within a week the works will resume and the process will speed up. Its a week now and the works are still on pause mode. Irony of the day. His surprise visit was informed to us because my company booked his tickets :P

25/03/2010 Thursday- CAKE!!!!! Tooth Ache :P

And this day was the craziest of all. My good friends birthday and we all planned a surprise. For the first time i got off work early and rushed to the party. The cake was ultimate. DIVINE. I did not care for my tooth ache and hogged the cake :p

26/03/2010 Friday- Chocolatey

Another crazy Friday. Friends phone fell in the rain water drain and we had a big group of passerby's giving us all sorts of tips and suggestions to get it out. well we managed to get the phone out though. In the evening i was craving for something chocolatey even after having been warned by my dentist i went to Delisiaso and had a Snicker sneak Shake... yummmmmmmm

27/03/2010 Saturday- Twittery

Another sad work day. Was just bored to death at work. My order at Bookmark was delayed yet again inspite of the fact that i kept visiting them 5 times. I come home and i find a courier in my name. The t-shirt that i won was finally here.. woohoooo Just too elated with it i could not stop myself from jumping around. Decided to wear it the next day for the Make a Difference Recruitment drive

28/03/2010 Sunday-Made all the difference

Finally the Sunday that made all the difference to me. The Make A Difference Recruitment drive. And yes another very very good friends birthday but she was not in town to celebrate it.

And so the lesson i learnt in this little project, so what if the reason for which i smile has now changed, So what if you did not give me those smiles i usually get i still have hundreds, no thousand of reason to smile. And No, you are still the reason why i smile, its just that i now learned to look beyond you. And am able to see life beyond the rose tinted glasses. Even if my day went hell just cause you yelled at me or did not call me, i still looked beyond it.

And yes this post is dedicated to YOU.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Negativity of being a girl

The answers are the same, the predictable answer. Is it wrong to be a girl i ask?
These answers make you wonder.

NO! You cant go out at this hour.

NO! Thats not what respectable young girls do.

NO! You cant study further. What will you do with education?

NO! Why do you have to earn? Isn't my income sufficient enough?

NO! You will not talk to me in that tone.

NO! You cant travel alone.

NO! You wont understand wait till you become a mother of a girl.

NO! You cant go out to meet your friends.

NO! Do not compare yourself to your brother. He is a boy.

NO! Girls never drink.

NO! You cant wear such clothes.

NO! Thats too late a age to be married.

NO! You'd better stop crying. There s no need for you to cry.

NO! Love marriages are a taboo. Dare i hear i mention of it.

NO! Stop making a fuss.

She'll be hearing only NO throughout her life.

YES she will.... And she's being mocked at.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Little conversation

You know how sometimes you meet some random strangers and end up having a conversation that you maybe made you smile. Or maybe awakened you. Well i did meet a nice young man today at a bookstore. And had the most interesting half an hour conversation.

A cute guy who was sitting on the floor with a pile of books near him and flipping through the pages. I was amused and could not help but smile.
He was humming to the music being played in the store and at the same time reading the books he had on his lap. The choice of books gave me an impression that he was a smart guy.
He looked up at me and gave me the most beautiful smile ever. Those pearly whites and that angelic dimples just charmed me.
"Hello" he said.
I smiled, feeling too silly because i just could not stop staring at him. I asked him if he minded me sitting next to him while i search for the books in the rack near to him.
"yeah no problem, but you got to help me choose a book i have so many here i want all, but i can buy only one, help me" and he smiled again.
I picked up his books. There was a book that was all about cars, about the history of cars, the manufacture and everything. I smiled again thinking boys will be boys. The next book was about disney characters i looked at him.
"I know what you are thinking but i love animated characters they are just so funny".
I replied "dont worry even i love them too".
"you are lying that cant be possible. you cant love cartoons. okay then who is this".
He shows me sulley from monsters inc and asks me to guess. I told him who he was, he rolled his eyes as though thinking that it was some easy guess he then showed me some more characters and asked me to guess again. I scored a full score in that little game of ours.
Then we got chatting about the music that was being played in the store.
"Nikhil!! Where are you baba"...
"Time for me to go i think i ll take the car book and when i do buy the big red car i ll take you in it my friend, by the way whats your name?"...
"Nishali" i said.
"Hey nice name i ll tell mom you helped me choose a book and that even beautiful women love cartoons too. If you were in my class you would have been my girlfriend. Bye bye" and that little 5yr old imp scampered away to his mother.
And i just could not stop smiling after that.

What's the point

Life is funny at times. In the most heart wrenching situation you sometimes find a lesson to laugh at, a lesson to smile at. But this was no laughing matter or smiling matter. I stood there stunned when it struck me. The futility of it all. Consider this you go through so much trouble so much pain just to get something very important done and then you realise what's the point? Will this be appreciated will this be considered in the same sense that you want it to be considered. What if it does not turn out as the way you want it to turn out? Does it change anything.

Hope and expectations two dangerous yet two wonderful feelings that can make your die or live. So going back to the situation...what if fate meddles in such a way that you realise its 'no point i wont do it again.'

But then you actually wonder in between all of it, the point lies here- that you tried, that you did not stop. You finished and you stopped only to ask what's the point? Why? Because you want that answer. The point being you want to know what its like to go through all the trouble and then been appreciated for it. Recognition hoggers that we are. We feel our worth in it.