Monday, January 14, 2013

White flakes of joy

And London saw a crazy happy woman walking on the streets wearing a grey hoodie, with a huge smile stuck on her face. Yes I saw my first snow at 6. 30 am

This is after jamming my fingers last night at the window. It's sign. Look out the window

Crossing fingers and experimental weekends

So what am I upto this Sunday. Baking a cake or rather experimenting with it.

I mixed the cake batter and then realised I don't have a big enough vessel. Used the left over batter to make cookie cakes. See picture below. Sticky cake batter on cookies. Jus when I finished I tried to open my windows and ended up having my fingers jammed. Now I can't even cross my fingers on the hope that my experimentations with baking turns out good

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ramblings of a cynical love head

Is romance dead? Am not talking about the red roses, cards and dinners, but the Big Bang romance.

Candlelit dinners are just cliche. The Big Bang romance of it would be,
The candles on the beach. The candles on a rooftop with a picnic dinner. Candles by the lakeside. No one does this anymore.

Cards are just cliche. Big Bang version of it would be skywriting or post-its at a frequented cafe, or 100 words of the good times written on a never ending long strip of paper.

Flowers are cliche. But flowers stuck on a pole with a note of where you first saw her that's Big Bang.

So these rantings are from seeing flowers stuck on a pole at a busy street.
Picture posted

And no am not caving in. Romance is still dead. You just got to look at the right corners of the street they say.