Sunday, September 19, 2010

Funny assumptions...

I haven't blogged for ages. If i could make excuses here are some. I was too busy with work. I forgot my user id and password. Okay lame excuses i know. Absolutely no reason to not blog. But frankly speaking i had nothing worthwhile happening to blog okay maybe the new phone. But then frankly speaking i was too lazy. And the move to the new city was just too depressing. Hate the city and the people here. Work is my only respite. I love work. Wait for mondays. Hate fridays. So all said and done i finally found something to blog about.

Something funny happened a few days ago. It is actually depressing but i found humour in it. So here's what happened. I sprained my foot on an unfortunate tuesday and was limping about for the next three days with an ugly pink crepe band
aged foot. Pity flew in all over. Stories were also cooked up about how i fell. Which i just hated. I wanted to just sit and close my ears and not hear the sympathy. And worse part the pain in my foot made me immobile. I could not walk the elegant walk anymore. Name calling started. Limpy lucy, langdi tyagi and so on.Friday i took a day off from work stayed at home to sulk. Took the doctors appointment finally and decided to go for it.

That same day a friend of mine called me up saying he was near my place and was free for a few hours and we could meet up. With nothing left to do i dragged my limp along. Auto drivers took pity on me and quoted an exuberant price of 50 for half a kilometer. Cursing them i preferred to walk. But then hopped into a bus. Yes for just one stop. Stupid ankle. And i limped my way to the food court. With people staring at me. And then my friend comes in with his dislocated wrist wrapped in an ugly pink crepe bandage. It looked terrible. He became captain hook and i became limpy lucy. Suddenly i realised the name calling that i indulged in. And so when we began talking did i realise that all eyes were on us. People were just staring. They did not have the courtesy to even look away when i returned the stare. Thats when we both realised people can actually cook up stories about our injuries. They may think that we had the same accident and are now meeting after it. Considering that he is going to join work in a few days and start working in the same business park as me there will be lovely stories and name calling going about. Assumptions just fly about just by looking at somebody or something.

And then he decided to walk me till the clinic. Stares continued. From my foot till his dislocated wrist. Broken for each other some would think. And then he left. Too embarrassed to walk inside am sure cause his case of dislocated wrist would be more exciting for the doctor than my simple sprained ankle. Spoke to the receptionist and enquired if the doctor was in. I had to wait for half an hour she told me. Thats when she chatted up with me asking me how i injured my foot. Then she asked me "That boy who was outside with You, did he fall with You, While trying to save You?" *facepalm*