Thursday, June 10, 2010


No, this post is not a review on the season finale of the tv series LOST.

Dont even bother asking me about it cause I have stopped watching it after season one I guess.

I am constantly accused of being a wandering, dreaming soul. After my sleepwalking episode people have even considered me to have a slight chance of schizophrenia. I still take it as a joke. (its a joke right?)

So after having a really bad day. With a lot of arguements with a people who care about me. I was returning from a friend's place. I think the stupid jerk in me offended certain people and that fired my bad mood more. I did not intend to. And I dont even know in what way did i mean offence. Pondering over it, I walked to the bus depot where, well, there were many buses lined up. I got into a bus. Green one, did not bother looking at the number cause I knew that this particular bus had to take me home.

Normally it takes me only 15mins to reach home. I was in my own thoughts. Did not realise it was past 30mins. I look around and I can see the bus is packed with people. The streets looked very unfamiliar. I could not even recognise even the street signs.
First emotion:PANIC. But I was still rooted on my seat. Still scratching my head. I should be somewhere near my place even if the bus took a different route.

I looked right to see if I could ask the woman next to me, where the hell I was. She was fast asleep with a big plastic bag on her lap. No way could I get out of my seat without waking her up. And I had no guts to wake her up.

The women in front of me were busy chatting away about their teenage children. And how they never come home on time and lie about being stuck in traffic. Bad idea!! I cant ask them either. So no use looking back and asking the men behind me either. They were too busy chewing pan and spitting out the window.

I decided I would get down at a stop which is familiar and then take an auto from there. But no way could I even remember coming to this part of the city. 19 yrs here and I think am LOST. Just a day before moving away to a new city am lost in my own home town.

The lanes that the bus went through were dark and I had no idea where I was. Finally I heard a stop name. Suterpet. The name scared me more than the men oogling at my confused face.

Finally I had enough I got up woke the sleeping lady with the big bag. Made my way across the crowd of people, got felt up, I guess, but I had the panic of getting off, more than hitting back.

Once I had my feet on the ground, even though it was an unfamiliar place, I could finally breathe. Looked around not a man or a woman in sight. Only dogs and owls hooting in the trees. Behind me were high walls. And i din't even want to think what was behind it. But i guess if it was a cemetery it would make this an even more interesting story than if it was just some house with high fence walls.

So I walk for 2mins till I see an auto and ask him first "where am I?" he looks at me as though I was some ghost. Not wanting to here his answer I tell him where I need to go. Silently praying please let it not be far I just got 30rs in my wallet. I got in and did not even bother looking around as to where I am. I dont want to know. Only when I saw the familiar hospital did i pray a silent happy prayer. But the irony of it all its the fr mullers hospital which also has a mental hospital ward. (dont laugh).

And I finally reach home which by the way is next to a hospital. No not a mental hospital.

I still cant seem to chuckle over the fact that I got lost in my own home town just a day before I move to a new city.

I stare at my packed bags and wonder. More adventures to come or will I be put in a jacket.

P.S. Dont judge me after this. Friends who know me well enough know why i wrote this. :) :) its for humour's sake