Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sleepwalking or...................????

Today was one fuzzy morning I can’t remember bits of it at all.... No am not suffering from a hangover because I do remember that I did not drink.... but then I think, I had a Chocolate, which must have caused it. Am sure it was laced with something, cause I am in a state now that makes me scratch my head.

Starting with the following
1. I woke up in my bed... What’s unusual you ask? Well, I clearly remember falling asleep on the couch. How I got to my bed, is what baffles me. I must have sleepwalked.

2. I walked out of the house all set to go to work with my bag and slippers, only when I looked down did I realize I was wearing my night pyjamas. I think I was sleepwalking.

3. So I dressed up and was talking to mom as I pulled out the perfume bottle and was about to squirt it when mom screamed and snatched the bottle and said " that's the pain relief spray you nut". I think I was sleepwalking.

4. I stopped an auto near my place got into it and told him where I had to go, the auto driver looks at me puzzled wondering if I was just lazy or whether he was seriously that lucky. Only after he asked me again did Ii realize that Ii told him my house address rather than my office address. *facepalm* Travelling in an auto for a 2 meter distance the driver says “I am sleepwalking”.

5. I get down and walk towards my office, I see the mad lady. There is this lady who apparently went loony after an ugly tiff with her lover. Rumours say that she was very beautiful and had the most beautiful blue eyes ever, which are now veiled behind her mangled hair that cover half her face. And I in my sleepwalking state, stop right in front of her and stare at her eyes for one whole minute just to check if her eyes were blue. She looks at me and rants something and walks past. I was sleepwalking

6. I step into my work place and I get a phone call from one of my clients after all the details were said and confirmed I close the call with a greeting that went like this, "thank you Nithin, good night". And I realized that only after I dropped the call. But then am excused because the phone call was from the States and technically it was night there. Was it not?

7. I realized my phone was missing. Tried to recall, whether I left it at home or in the auto? I tried calling it, but no response so guessed it had to be at home. I borrowed my colleague’s phone and msgd dad that my phone was at home and to tell mom to call me ASAP. 4 hours went by and no call from dad or mom. Then it struck me I msgd my own number. DUH!!! I was sleepwalking.

8. I was wondering why the hell, my system at work not switching on. Banged at it, fiddled with the UPS. Only to realize I had not plugged it in :( I was sleepwalking.

9. Half the phone calls that came in today i addressed them with a gender switch. Sir's became madams and vice versa. I was Sleep talking.

10. I sat at the wrong desk, and was wondering why there wasn’t any AC at my place. I was sleepwalking.

I think I was sleepwalking. Because after a solid yelling, 5 crashes of the firefox, My water bottle spilling all its contents on the printer, I can effectively blame my sleepiness.

I was sleepwalking because I would definitely not hum 'Hey there Delilah' when my boss was yelling at me.

Or maybe am schizophrenic because I just saw a yellow bunny wearing a red hat and a joker’s mask while I was typing this blog out..... Or I guess that's just the party animal...

I don't know what it was…………………………………


PS. just before i posted i get an IM why are u acting so weird?.... Hmmm now i wonder what i did?