Tuesday, December 25, 2012


The cold sheets are crying for you. Every inch of the house have traces of your being. Don't let it fade.

The walls long to hear the sighs of sweet joys. Don't let them forget our music.

The couch has gone cold and needs your warmth. The telly is being watched but prefers watching you.

Of lying beside you, of being watched while I sleep, of sweet nothing's whispered. Come back soon

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Snowy wishes

My birthday wish was to see snow. Birthday is over And the closest i got to snow is the pic. And also some fake snow.

After all that wishing for a perfect birthday and it turned not close to perfect at all. Or maybe it did.

I officially hate my birthday as goes all my posts. Here is my theory you turn a year older, yeah good thing. But do you deserve it? Did you do good the whole year. What's your key achievement? If nothing comes into your head you know you ll jus have a sucky birthday.

I try to jot down my happy things.

1. London
2. 4 amazing people who will be on list.
3. I was secret Santa to so many people

And I could not count further. Either an unaware or am seriously out of things to count.

So I made a deal with God. Make me see snow. Make me happy.

So the day before my birthday I am in Edinburgh wishing it will snow when I get back to London.

Lying on the ground were these dried leaves and grass covered in frost. That kept my hopes high. I will see snow.

Europe trip could not happen before my 24 birthday. But my snow wish had to come true.

Reached London feeling super ill and super low. Had a rift with a friend yes on the night of my birthday. And also caused a rift with my friends back home. I had people yelling at me. And all I could do was sulk.

Perfect start to my new year.
So the next morning the day of my birthday. I went to another birthday party.

A 1 year olds birthday. On my way in the cab I was talking to my friends of how I wished for snow. A perfect gift for my day. Just that exact moment I could see flakes of white drifting in the wind and falling on the busy street. I squealed more like screeched. "It's snowing"

But to my utter dismay my joy was short lived. The cabbie laughed and said its fake. Some commercial shop was using it part of their promotions. Sulked the whole ride to the party. And the cabbie just smiles at me and said "Happy birthday am sure snow is not the only thing that will make your birthday a happy one"

And he was right. I had an awesome time at the kids birthday with whom I shared my birthday.

My friends came over later in the evening and got me idli sambar. Yes idli sambar in London. The happy replacement for a cake. That with a nice bottle of wine.

And we went out dancing. So it was a Happy Birthday.

Not a perfect one like I wished for. But I know when I get back home to India. It will be all made up for. My hope for snow will remain.