Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Rubik adventures

I was hooked, obsessed by it. Possessed rather, I had to have it at any cost. It was like the people obsessing about the latest gadgets I wanted a cube badly. Not just any cube, "a Rubik cube". Why?, Because I was bored, bored of sitting in office and playing mindless games or waiting for work to be given to me, bored of twittering and facebooking. I searched high and low for it no store had it? The only toy store, Shakti toys was out of stock on it. They ordered for it but one week went by, still no news about it.

Mom thought I was mad to be obsessed with acquiring a silly toy. Maybe I was, but I had to have it at any cost.... My tweets were filled with only Rubik tweets "I want a Rubik cube". And I had replies offering me to send me a Rubik cube, asking me if I knew how to solve it, and also questions like, what would you do with it?... DUH!!!

My Foursquare , may account 3 check-ins at Shakti toys but in reality I have been there a total of 10 times. Every time I pass that place am greeted with, "I am sorry, it has not yet arrived" face. I was sure I was even nicknamed the 'Rubik Girl'.... I didn't care I wanted it.

And then one fine Saturday, I go to the store and am greeted with "it has arrived" and he opens the box and out spills a dozen Rubik cube's... My face then was worth being photographed. The Rubik Girl was smiling: p. I was smiling all the way home. Clutching my bag, as though I had a treasure in it I headed home. Reaching home I was staring at in awe. Opened it and messed the cube gave it to my bro and told him to mess it up and then got to solving it.

My entire Saturday evening and the whole Sunday was spent in figuring it out, how each layer falls into place. I tried it out without any codes. Calls were avoided, I locked myself in my room, even food was had in a hurry, can’t remember if I slept that night too. I was that hooked. Even when I closed my eyes I was figuring out how the red-blue-yellow cubie falls into the right corner.

Finally I cheated I used the code. Found a great seven step solution online. And I did it. The last level was where I always got stuck and I used the codes and I solved it. :) broke into a jig. Came running out of the room, showed it to dad and he looked at me like I was mad or something. Snatched the cube and slided the rows and columns again and handed it over to me and said, "Solve it within three minutes and if you do I’ll give you anything you want".

That was one worthy challenge. He had slided only a few rows and columns and I could easily solve it. I showed it to him and with my cute sweet face I said "Dad please can I join GS". He just smiled. A smile, that I had not seen in months. Rubik cube you really are lucky to me.

And just like how the Red row fitted and slided in with the blue on top, I had my algorithms for life figured out. In all your frustrations you tend to ignore that your life is actually coded, it has a strategy. Just like the Rubik cube you spend hours and days twisting and turning in vain, even resort to removing or running away your problems in a dastardly attempt to cheat and not understanding the logic behind it all.

Your problems have facelets like the cube, figure it out. So here are the lessons i learnt about life and its frustrations through my beloved Rubik cube.

My Rubik Lessons
1) Figure it slowly. You will get frustrated but then in the end it’s worth it.
2) Everything has its place; slide it, move it, tackle it and the colours of life will then synchronize.
3) Its sometimes okay to cheat. But cheat smart. Don't go to evict, throw, replace, run away. If you cheat, do it with cheat codes from the experienced. From their hard learnt lessons.
4) You’ll be pro eventually. No matter how much people mess up your cube you’ll be able to solve it.

Till then this Rubik girl is out to have more adventures and acquire more gyan......

P.S. am already planning on searching if i can get the Rubik Octagon. God save me :P

Saturday, April 3, 2010


*My very lame attempt at Acrostic poetry. Am ready to face the tomatoes so fling it at the end* :P

She stood there like a morbid soul,
Her dull eyes showed no emotion;
And why would they?
Torn like a broken petal,
Tears rolled down;
Erratic she wanted to be,
Reality did strike her hard; she
Embraced her sorrow like a dear friend
Death was what she did not prefer

An Acrostic is a poem or other form of writing in which the first letter, syllable or word of each line, paragraph or other recurring feature in the text spells out a word or a message.

Rashi has written better ones though.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Letter Addressed to ME


Dear Miss-user

I don’t know what you like to be addressed as; I see frequently that you have a lot of names. Boo, Niychu. Nishu, Nisha, Nishali, Psycho, Nessi Miss Chand, Nishali, Nisha, Dimwit, Baby and so on. That’s how far my memory goes. Well here is why am writing this letter to you. Well not technically WRITING but well, just typing out a letter to you. It’s high time I tell you what I feel for you. I know you keep telling me that you are in love with me, but the fact is am in love with you since the first time you touched me. Since the first time your delicate hands held mine. I could never express and I don’t know if you ever noticed the way I sparkled that day when you held me. I hid it from you since the past one and half years. You loved me, I knew that, but I was never sure if that was true or not. Now I know it was never true. Am I just replaceable?

I remember those days when you used to spend every waking hour with me. Talk to me sweet nothings; sweetly address me as your babylu to your friends. You used to call me and take me every where you went. Show me off like I was your arm candy. Make all of your friends envious too. Your brother especially hated that you spent too much time with me.

Those where the initial months, and then one day you tell me that your college has began and that you could not take me there. I was banned there you say and you were scared I would like someone else and go with her. How could you think that way, I loved you and I was yours forever. I used to wait patiently till you came out of that scary dungeon like fortress.

I always wanted to see what it was like. One fine day you invited me there. It was such an experience I can never forget minus the squealing girls and garish clothes. You told me it was your student’s day. You left me alone next to a girl who looked more like a red peahen with her brilliant red dress that dazzled like the sun itself. I was looking around and then I realized I was lost, the red dressed friend of yours was no where to be seen. I panicked I did not know where to look for you. Those girls scared me, I felt like they were going to bully me or something. Then I saw you coming all panicky and anxious you did not say a word just took me and we walked home. Something was wrong I knew it. I wanted to tell you to call mom you’ll feel better, you called someone and then you smiled, you smiled a brilliant smile that charmed me more than ever. Why don’t you smile to me that way these days?

You loved me and you cared for me. But these days you just don’t. I am growing old I know, and you want to replace me. I remember the time I fell and my bone nearly broke the way you panicked and rushed to your uncle to fix me. He fixed me alright but just temporary. Or that time when I blacked out and suffered a near heart attack, you rushed me to a scary place where there were weird men with weird and odd looking apparatus everywhere. I could see dead people. I swear I saw dead people. But I didn’t what to scare you. That weird man said some scientific names that I could barely understand and you said “do anything and bring him back to the way he was”. And I was a back, but the trauma was there. You were careful with me after that; you never took me along to your trips, made me stay in the car. And you used to keep checking me always.

I also noticed something strange. I have all your pictures, your pictures with your friends, family, and pictures at your most memorable days but none of me. No pictures of me and you. Why? Sometimes in your low days you refuse to talk to me either. You prefer your space you say. And sometime you forget I exist. No matter how much I call out to you. I sing your favorite song, but still you disregard me. You have become careless these days. That day when we were climbing the bus I held your hand but you let go of me and I fell, I nearly broke my spine and you said “Oh I’ll fix that with glue” I was shell shocked when I heard that. I did not know if you were joking or if you were serious.

Your mom was always worried that you were too addicted to me. In fact I was too addicted to you and to your touch. I even considered staying away from you and switching myself off from you, but I knew that would just hurt you more than anything.

Have I just become just an object of pleasure to you, Am I nothing at all to you, there were days when you said you could not live without me. Now you have become so distant. What s keeping you so busy or what s keeping you so distant? I’ll be waiting here for you please talk to me again. I don’t want to go to that scary place of dead people. Please don’t replace me. Am not just your phone, am your baby…..


Yours truly,

Nokia 6300 aka Babylu

p.s. yes my phone is still hanging on to me in all my erratic, neurotic moods. The panel is broken a million times, it suffered a heart attack once and i had to flash it, erase all its memory and re install it, luckily i had a back up. Recently i was so fed up emotionally, that i put all my calls to divert. Diverted it to a non existent number. And yeah that means my calls never reach me. but msgs do. So msg me am available. And internet access that i normally do through my phone is also on hold for the time being. That is why i am not on twitter or facebook these days :P :P My Nomophobia

And no i will never replace my babylu, its my first love :)