Thursday, March 15, 2012

Someone You Knew

Life and its strangest ways.

Everyday you meet people, everyday you lose people. And the encounters define or mar your life. This post comes from a series of encounters i have had with different people over a long time. As one good friend said to me  "people are projects to you right? " he said it in a way that even i would not have been able to put it across.

Every time you are questioned on your actions, as to why do you even care about someone, why do you sometimes justify even their meanest actions. Humans are complicated. Nothing can be done about that.Its this complication that challenges you. You  try to justify everything that a person does to you. All those someones that you are nice to return your goodness or try to hurt you.

 Someone insults you, you try to understand why. Someone breaks your heart you justify it by saying Your heart is meant to be broken. Everyone is weird in their own ways, they will never agree to it.Your biggest Nemesis, the one who makes you judge your own weird self suddenly becomes your obsession. You know you will hurt yourself but you still continue to touch that nerve. You know its not worth but you still give it a shot.

Why? because you are just curious too see beyond that complication. You love the chaos. You are nice to the meanest person, why? Cause people are your projects you want to see what makes them hate you. And then all these complicatedly simple people become part of your life. To all the someones you are the same. you can't hate anyone and you can't avoid anyone.

Someone who'll sweep you off your feet.
Someone who'll leave you small little notes.
Someone who gives you a smile everyday in spite of just having the worst day.
Someone who'll slap you in the middle of the road to put sense into your head.
Someone who leaves you stranded in the middle of a deserted road.
Someone who pulls your hair out of that messy bun.
Someone who sends you strawberry smileys because of the private joke between you'll.
Someone who promises to get you a souvenir and ends up getting it one size big.
Someone who you thought hates your guts but secretly loved to make you smile.
Someone sends you pink flowers.
Some one's vengeful words becomes your private humour.
Some one's unnoticed intentions come clear to you.
Some one's secret admiration becomes weird to you.
Someone who never had a picture clicked with you.
Someone who thinks your giggles are the weirdest thing ever.
Someone who hates to pose but clicks that awesome picture with you.
Someone treats you like a queen.
Someone who loves to see you cry.
Someone who hates your face.
Someone who loves to bug you, till you crack.
Someone who has a new nick name for you.
Someone to whom you'll always be their secret Santa.
Someone to whom you'll be JUST a friend.
Someone who'll walk all over you and you let them do

One fine day you do something stupid and you start regretting all that you did. All the nice things that you ever did. Blaming yourself for letting a someone walk over you and trample your spirit. You smile despite that.

And in the mess and complications you met another someone. Someone you thought you'd  never meet ever again. And you meet them at the strangest place ever. A police station in the middle of nowhere, where you are filing a complaint for the other chaos that struck your life.

And this person just looks at you and you wonder if you should  begin the conversation with a "how have you been" or just smile. And like the foolish thing that you are, you say

 "how come here?".

 To which he smiles that smile which you wanted to hate but never could.

 "Being your Knight in Shiny shoes" 

His sense of humour never stops. i swore i hated it before but i giggled this time. Past all forgotten.

And with that you become the someone who was at the police station distraught and helpless and the one person who you thought never cared, that one familiar face you never wanted to see becomes your hope in a very awkward way indeed. and you become theirs.

To all those someones you were their someone too. And one day your deed shall be returned. Cause life is strange and People are stranger than life itself.

Its 1 am i know and i always speak my mind when sleepy, and they never make any sense. If you did understand what's written here do let me know, cause i can never understand my ownself.