Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Negativity of being a girl

The answers are the same, the predictable answer. Is it wrong to be a girl i ask?
These answers make you wonder.

NO! You cant go out at this hour.

NO! Thats not what respectable young girls do.

NO! You cant study further. What will you do with education?

NO! Why do you have to earn? Isn't my income sufficient enough?

NO! You will not talk to me in that tone.

NO! You cant travel alone.

NO! You wont understand wait till you become a mother of a girl.

NO! You cant go out to meet your friends.

NO! Do not compare yourself to your brother. He is a boy.

NO! Girls never drink.

NO! You cant wear such clothes.

NO! Thats too late a age to be married.

NO! You'd better stop crying. There s no need for you to cry.

NO! Love marriages are a taboo. Dare i hear i mention of it.

NO! Stop making a fuss.

She'll be hearing only NO throughout her life.

YES she will.... And she's being mocked at.


kaddz said...

YES. and stick to it. Mockers will die laughing.

phantom's wraith said...

Stick to being said NO?? I dont think so.