Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Little conversation

You know how sometimes you meet some random strangers and end up having a conversation that you maybe made you smile. Or maybe awakened you. Well i did meet a nice young man today at a bookstore. And had the most interesting half an hour conversation.

A cute guy who was sitting on the floor with a pile of books near him and flipping through the pages. I was amused and could not help but smile.
He was humming to the music being played in the store and at the same time reading the books he had on his lap. The choice of books gave me an impression that he was a smart guy.
He looked up at me and gave me the most beautiful smile ever. Those pearly whites and that angelic dimples just charmed me.
"Hello" he said.
I smiled, feeling too silly because i just could not stop staring at him. I asked him if he minded me sitting next to him while i search for the books in the rack near to him.
"yeah no problem, but you got to help me choose a book i have so many here i want all, but i can buy only one, help me" and he smiled again.
I picked up his books. There was a book that was all about cars, about the history of cars, the manufacture and everything. I smiled again thinking boys will be boys. The next book was about disney characters i looked at him.
"I know what you are thinking but i love animated characters they are just so funny".
I replied "dont worry even i love them too".
"you are lying that cant be possible. you cant love cartoons. okay then who is this".
He shows me sulley from monsters inc and asks me to guess. I told him who he was, he rolled his eyes as though thinking that it was some easy guess he then showed me some more characters and asked me to guess again. I scored a full score in that little game of ours.
Then we got chatting about the music that was being played in the store.
"Nikhil!! Where are you baba"...
"Time for me to go i think i ll take the car book and when i do buy the big red car i ll take you in it my friend, by the way whats your name?"...
"Nishali" i said.
"Hey nice name i ll tell mom you helped me choose a book and that even beautiful women love cartoons too. If you were in my class you would have been my girlfriend. Bye bye" and that little 5yr old imp scampered away to his mother.
And i just could not stop smiling after that.


Anonymous said...

Aww so cute. Reminds me of what my friend told me once, 'Boy are nice until they turn 6.' True eh? Why do they ever grow up?

phantom's wraith said...

Seriously true... all the while when i was chatting with him i never felt he was a kid... little grown up adult he was :P

star gazer said...

Quite a refreshing and sweet post ..leaves with a sly smile on your face :D