Wednesday, November 24, 2010

One whine filled post.

Why i dont want next week to happen? Quite a few guessing around happening about my whines about next week.

1. You getting MARRIED? (love this reason)
2. You got some project. (so why should i dread?)
3. You running away with your bf. (like huh? He would run away FROM ME :p)
4. You stole a million dollars. (sadly i got no time for grand plans :p)
5. Your parents are coming. ( how i wish that was true.i would never dread sigh )

Funny guess work indeed. Well let me break the bubble. Its my birthday next week. So why the dread you ask. Wait no its not because i am going old. I would love going old. Love having wrinkles or grey hair it would give me a reason to celebrate.
I dont want to be here away from all my bumchums, my loved ones and most importantly from the two. Al and Carrie. This is the thing we three best friends have the birthday on the same day. Every year its a big thing for the whole gang of us. Everyone looks forward to Al, carrie and Nessi.'s birthday. And its celebrated in much gusto. A whole day at the beach or going out for a long lunch or just spending the whole day riding around the city in our activas. The all girl gang fun.

I miss all that. I miss being with people who i know care even though they find me crazy. My super star who made my last birthday memorable too. I miss him.

I miss my family who saw to it that each year i turned old they would make it special. Mom cooking all my treats and waking me up in the middle of the night and keeping me awake to receive my calls. Oh yeah i sleep on my birthday. I cant stay awake after 12.30am. So friends who know that, squeeze all their calls in that time frame. "wait put nessi on conference she will sleep off otherwise"

So why will this birthday be different? The reason is that the people i always make memories with are all back home. Yeah al is in mlore and carrie in manipal and me here so for both of us its not really going to be a party together. And also considering the rest of us are also flung out across the country and the world. When i whined about with mom she just told me one think. "This year make memories with new people. You still got pinty and drawer." i know i still got some friends here. But i was so used to the old memories am dreading of making new ones.

The other dread is the fact that i dont have anything to celebrate about. Every year i think what have i done to celebrate this birthday and i always had a commemorable moment. This year i have none. Zilch. Nothing at all. No point celebrating it right. So in case you plan on wishing me please bear with my whinings and as my good friend Yulia said "Oh great the whiner is here." Cant really help it. I am growing old and i have done nothing with these 22yrs. *A big depressing sigh*


Anonymous said...

Well, in case I forget, Birthday greetings go out to you. Electronic comments unfortunately, travel at the speed of charged electrons so you'll get this wish before D-day.

Welcome to the land of the aged.. Where senility and generation gaps come in every flavour possible! :)

Happy Birthday!

Karthik said...

Hey Cheer up :)

Agreed it sucks but as your Mom said - Go Make some memories with new people :)

And Before I forget

Advanced Birthday Wishes :)

Phantom said...

thats the problem. Am like sheldon cooper and joey. I dont like change. Am so used to routine and familiarity. Its freaking me out

Ankit said...

no whining abt bangalore...:-) :-)

Lucky Bangalore ;)