Monday, July 5, 2010

Star Gazer

Slowly the night sky enveloped her,
Tearing apart her every hope. She
Abhorred the pain that
Ripped her heart and stole her spirit.

Groping in the dark she searched,
An abode that felt like home, that her
Zealous spirit longed for,
Eager was she to smile again, with
Rekindled hope she looked up and in that very dark night saw her STAR,................ and she became the STAR GAZER.

Another attempt at acrostic poetry. With a dedication to someone who has made me strong in my weakness and also weak in my strength. :)


Anonymous said...

vishesh said...

:) gazing at stars helps :) Wonder who she is ;)

Phantom said...

@vishesh that star gazer is me :)

Unruly Rebel-Namit said...

nice one...well lukin at stars is alwaz d best thing you can do, they just make u so complete... :)

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Kirti Mohan said...

Definitely has a lot to do with premature ejaculation, Ankur. You useless Spammer. :\ Lol.

Phantom said...

@kirti :( :( :(

Karthik P said...

Liked it.. :)